Just a sandwich!

I was making a turkey sandwich for me and the boys the other day when I wondered, where did the sandwich idea come from?  And believe it or not August is actually National Sandwich month!  So you better believe I found some fun sandwich facts to share with you:

  •  The name Sandwich comes from John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, an 18th century English Aristocrat.  He ordered meat tucked into two pieces of bread and others began to order, “the same as Sandwich.”  Thus, the name was born.
  • Americans eat more than 300 million sandwiches every day.  This is amazing considering there’s only slightly more than 300 million Americans.
  • The world’s largest sandwich weighed 5,440 pounds.  Talk about a hearty dinner!
  • The average American will have consumed 1,500 PB&Js by the time they’ve graduated high school.
  • The most expensive sandwich ever sold was a grilled cheese with an image of the Virgin Mary on it.  It sold for $28,000.
  • The most popular sandwich in America is a ham sandwich.  Which makes sense, its one of my favorites too!  Jimmie John’s Slim #1 add turkey!
  • Depending on where you live, an oblong shaped sandwich could go by one of many names including hero, hoagie, potbelly, grinder, sub, torpedo, blimpie, wedge and po’ boy.

Man, all this talk about sandwiches has made me hungry–I think I am heading to Jimmy John’s!



You Could Have Fooled Me!

I’ve always agreed with the saying that, “laughter is the best medicine.” I guess that’s why I’ve always liked April Fools’ Day so much(I am an April baby). I think a little joking around keeps everyone on their toes and in a positive state of mind, as long as it’s all done with a kind spirit. But I never really understood why the first of April is the day set aside for hoaxes and pranks, so I did a little research. Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about April Fools’ Day.

Although April Fools’ Day, or as it’s known in some places All Fools’ Day, has been celebrated all over the world for hundreds of years, no one is quite sure when or why it started.

The concept of festivals built around costumes and hoaxes started as early as Ancient Rome. Each spring, the Romans would celebrate Hilaria, which is Latin for cheerful, merry, joyful, by donning disguises.

Some historians say that the celebration of April Fools Day itself started in France in the 1500’s. You see, at this time, the French were transitioning away from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. One of the differences between these two calendars is what day
each new year begins on. Since word didn’t travel as quickly then as it does now—no phone, Internet or social media will slow things down a lot—some people were left in the dark about the calendar change. These people became the butt of jokes, pranks and hoaxes
as they continued to celebrate the new year the last week of March through April 1.

Other historians have tied the concept of April Fools’ Day to the crazy shifts that so commonly occur in the weather at this time of year. Warm one day, freezing the next—sounds like mother nature is playing a joke on us!

Now April Fools’ Day has become a worldwide phenomenon with celebrities and corporations even taking part. I hope you joined in the fun this year! Just remember not to take anything too seriously. ”

Kelly D. Krausz



A few St. Patrick’s Day Facts!

I consider myself lucky enough to know these little-known St. Patrick’s facts, so I wanted to share them with all of you. Here are the top 7 lucky and fun St. Patrick’s day facts you can share with your friends!

1. St. Patrick wasn’t Irish…he was actually English!
2. The Chicago river is dyed green every year for St. Patrick’s Day.
3. Shamrocks aren’t four leaf clovers. A real shamrock only has three leaves.
4. The four leaves of an actual four-leafed clover represent faith, hope, love and luck.
5. The original color of St. Patrick’s Day was supposed to be blue. After years of using a shamrock as a symbol, people adopted the color green over blue. I thought this was interesting!
6. The tradition of wearing green comes from the tall tale that leprechauns can’t see the color green and that they would pinch anyone they see on St. Patrick’s Day.
7. The New York City St. Patrick’s Day parade is believed to be the oldest St. Patrick’s Day parade, starting in 1762.
Good news! Leprechauns probably won’t pinch you if you’re not wearing any green this St. Patrick’s Day. But what do I know? Better safe than sorry, so make sure you’re decked out head to toe with green on March 17th and have a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day.

“May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. For each petal on the shamrock, this brings a wish your way: Good health, good luck, and happiness for today and every day.”

Kelly D. Krausz



New Year’s Resolution? or not!


It seems like every January we make a New Year’s resolution, and within 30 days we’ve already given up on it.  According to US News, 80% of New Year’s resolutions don’t live to see the light of day by the 2nd week of February.  I believe it!  That’s why instead of making a resolution, I am making a list of things I want to do to start the year off right!  Here’s what I came up with:

Go eat somewhere new.  Those who know me know that when it comes to meals, I am a creature of habit.  Mazatlan comes to mind, over and over.  I still have not eaten at the Brass Kettle, Palm Garden or the Canterbury Deli here in Aberdeen.  So this year when I’m thinking about where in the world I want to eat and Mazatlan pops into my head, you guessed it, I will be headed someplace new!

Write or catch up with an old friend. Recently this past year I was able to meet up with a good friend I went to high school with, Mr. Luke Anderson.  We were able to take a night and just reminisce about all the fun times and memories we had growing up.  What an awesome night! Life gets busy!  Its important to remember the small things!

Read a good book.   It can be about your career, a favorite hobby or whatever you like.  My last read was Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos. What an awesome read!  It talks about the unique culture he instilled at Zappos and was very relevant in life and business!  A good book can get you motivated but most importantly can get you inspired.  Inspiration can take you a long way!

Plan a vacation or staycation.  I have not done this for over 2 years and definitely want to do it with my 2 boys!  I look forward to every minute with them.   Not only does it free up your time to spend time with your kids, it gives you a short escape from the grind of daily stress.  Relaxing releases stress, and makes us all healthier human beings!  This time away will give you the energy to do better not only as a parent, but in your career as well.

Watch a documentary. One of my favorites is called “Unguarded,” It is about a basketball player named Chris Herren and his ultimate escape of drug addiction.  If you are a college basketball fan at all, you will love this!

Listen to a new music genre.      I had never really enjoyed country music until about 5 years ago.  I shunned country music for the first 37 years of my life!  My wife is a big country music fan and I found myself starting to enjoy country music!  Now, it is one of my favorites!  Although I still feel that a wide variety is the best!

I hope one or more of these ideas inspires you  to get the new year started on the right foot.  Now I want to wish you and your family an awesome 2020!

Kelly D. Krausz